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Marketer Funnels

Unleash the potential of your Marketing

Custom Designed Marketing Funnels For Any Business.

We build custom marketing funnels on a WordPress platform. If you’ve been looking around and found a particular marketing funnel you would just love to be using then we can certainly build that dream funnel for you and customize it to your needs. If you need a marketing funnel but don’t see one for your program then let us know and we’ll build one for you.

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The Smart Simple Online Solution

Do you want to be taken seriously in your business? Why put yourself through trying to figure out how you should build your own marketing funnel? The simple solution would be to buy a funnel created by an experienced web developer.


Who Should I get my Autoresponder from?

We used to recommend Aweber but people have had problems with them lately and having their accounts shut down for no good reason. We now recommend GetResponse as we haven’t had any problems with them. You can sign up with them here.

What Do I Get With The Basic Package?

You will get a Marketing Funnel that is built on 2 pages of a website. The link to that funnel will look something like This package is only available to those already using 3rd party Autoresponders such as GetResponse or Aweber. You can forward any domain you have to the link you will get when the pages are built for you or just use the link to send people to your business opportunity.

Are there Monthly Fees With Your Service?

No, but there is a yearly subscription available which is our best buy package. If you own your own hosting then your funnel can be installed onto your hosting and it will be yours for as long as you have your hosting service.

What Do I Get With The Business Pro Package?

This package can be installed onto your own hosting and you will have complete access to the entire funnel as you will get login access to the funnel. You will also get your very own Autoresponder built into the Marketing Funnel which you don’t have to pay any monthly fees for.



Your own autoresponder in your funnel

Why pay a monthly autoresponder bill when you don’t have to? If you have your own hosting then we’ll install it for you and you can use it on your site indefinitely.


List Creation

We can create your list and integrate it with your Autoresponder service. A list will be created for each business.

Automatic Messaging


Never worry about your autoresponder service shutting you down.

Money In The Mail

Email Campaigns

We offer creative custom email campaigns that will bring your prospects back to your sales page for reconsideration.

Web Browser Design

Landing Pages

Use our custom designed email templates which will ‘wow’ your audience..


Marketer Funnels

Marketer Funnels

Your Marketer Funnel will be assembled on two separate pages. The first page will be the page where the viewer subscribes to your opportunity. This is commonly known as a capture page because you capture information. Once somebody clicks the submit button you’ll then collect their information and they will be instantly taken to your sales page where they can sign up for your opportunity.

Connect Exchange

Built For Marketers

We connect with successful marketers online who are generating income from their online programs and build lead funnels based around their success. That is why our Marketer Funnels are so great. You don’t have to spend time learning how to design and build it. You can just purchase a high converting funnel and we’ll add your personal information on the funnel so your prospects can connect with you.

Created With Passion.

We are very good at creating sales funnels and have built thousands of them for all sorts of niches. No matter what company you’re affiliated with we can make you a high converting Marketer Funnel to increase your sales.

Looking Up

Featured Marketer Funnels.

Marketing Funnels generally come with a capture page and a sales page.